Group Leader Information

Fun and Learning Together at the Farm

We’re sure you are asking yourself, “Why did I have to be the group leader?” You can be assured that we will do our best to make your time at the Farm as pleasant and stress free as possible.

Below you will find a typical trip itinerary as well as some policies and recommendations that we have developed from our years of experience with hundreds of field trips just like yours.

Itineraries can vary according to the type of tour you have booked, arrival time and the amount of groups that we have at the farm on that day. Our goal is to keep everyone moving and having fun, so from time to time we will change the order of events so that a group is not just standing in line.

Typical Itinerary
(1 ½ hours to 2 hours)

  • Arrive at reserved time at 2691 Monmouth Rd. Jobstown NJ 08041.
  • Your group will be greeted by one of our Farmers. Please do not unload from your bus until you are told to do so.
  • Your group will unload and be escorted to the Hayride staging area or educational activity.
  • You will be assigned a storage area to put you snacks or lunches while you are on your hayride.
  • The headcount is made as you enter the wagons.
    Hayride to field pick crops (30-40 min.)
  • Lunch or a snack in the picnic area (20-30 min.)
  • Animal feeding and play time in our Animal Farm (30 min.)
  • If you have selected any demo tours leave an additional 20 mins for each demo. 
  • Group Leader make payment. We do not accept payments from parents or chaperones. Payments from parents or chaperones must be collected prior to checking out by the group leader.
  • Inform one of our farmers that your group is ready to leave.
  • We will retrieve your bus.

Things to Do Before You Arrive

Confirm your reservation and accurate head count with Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm one day prior to your trip. This can be done by email or by phone. or 609-353-9000.

Confirm your bus reservation, date, time and place. Make sure your bus company has accurate directions to Johnson’s Locust Hall Farm. Directions can be found on our website using this link.

Collect all funds from any guest attending the trip prior to your visit. This is especially important if you are allowing parents and siblings to attend.

Well-prepared chaperones are vital to the success of your visit. The Group Leader should meet with the chaperones before your visit to explain the logistics of the trip and review the guidelines. Discuss our Policies and Procedures with all chaperones and parents attending the trip. Give each chaperone a trip itinerary; inform them of what is included in their trip. We highly recommend that group leaders are not chaperones. This will allow you to be free to move between groups and attend to questions and issues.

Organize your snacks or lunches in advance. If your group is scheduled to have a snack or lunch in our picnic area it is best if they are packed in boxes or coolers and are kept at the front of the bus for quick unloading. We will give each group an assigned space to keep their lunches and belongings throughout the day. Suggest bringing sharpies if you would like to label children picked crops.

Group Leader Checklist

  • Exact count of children and adults (include yourself, teachers, chaperones and parents) Will be counted as guests board the hayride.
  • Payment: We accept cash, school or organization checks (no personal checks please), Visa, Master Card or Purchase Order.
  • Bring a copy of your EXEMPT ORGANIZATION CERTIFICATE (ST-5) with TAX I.D.#.
  • Permanent Markers: To write names on containers/bag/crop picked.

Arrival Procedures

  • Please arrive as close to your scheduled arrival time as possible.
  • All buses and cars must enter 2691 Monmouth Road
  • Direct your groups to remain on the bus until they are greeted by a Johnson´s Locust Hall Farm staff member.
  • Follow the instructions of the Johnson´s Farm Greeter carefully. This information is very important, and will move your group along more efficiently.
  • Everything must be removed from the bus at this time. The buses will be parked in a separate location and retrieved when your group is ready to leave.
  • Please do not line children up next to the buses to be counted. This can be done safely in the hayride staging area away from bus traffic.
  • Please do not try to make payment before the hayride. An accurate count will be taken as you enter the wagons. This will be written on a group ticket. Payment can be made after the hayride.

During Your Visit

  • Our staff will guide your group to the appropriate activities.
  • Stay together as a group. Do not leave students unattended at any time.
  • A Hayride will take your group to the farm field.
  • Lunch will be in our picnic area. Pick up your lunches from your assigned space and drop off your picked crops so you are free to move about the farm unrestricted.
  • The picnic area is reserved for all groups, please be considerate. Take only the appropriate space needed.
  • Visit the Animal Farm to feed the animals and play. Everyone MUST wash their hands as they leave the animal areas.

Before You Leave

  • Remember to see a manager for payment. The Johnson’s Farm Greeter will be unable to retrieve your buses until he is presented with the paid receipt.
  • Check for any missing belongings or children.
  • Tell a Johnson’s Farm Greeter you are ready to go, so your bus can be brought back for loading.

Payment Procedures and Policies

Tour Includes:

  • A hayride
  • Seasonal crop picking
  • A trip to the Animal Farm to feed the animals and play
  • Use of the picnic area for your brown bagged lunch or snack
  • An informational Teacher Packet with coloring sheets

Per Person Charge:

  • All Children will be charged.
  • All adults will be charged this includes Teachers, Chaperones and all parents that may want to participate.

Minimum Charge:
All tours require a 15 guest minimum. If you do not have 15 guests on the day of the tour you will be charged the minimum price.

Under 2 Policy:
If a child is under the age of 2 and will not be participating in the activity or picking they will be free. But if they are picking or participating in any activity they will be included in your head count and charged.

Free Admissions:
We allow one complimentary Chaperon for every 15 paid admissions. Additional supervising adults will be charged the tour rate. All adults will be allowed to pick the seasonal crop and participate in the hayride and activities. The free admissions will be based on your total head count. An accurate head count will be done on the day of your tour.

Head Count:
Anyone who gets on the hayride will be considered a participant and will be counted. Your head count will be recorded on a Group Ticket Card and confirmed with the Group Leader.

If there is any discrepancy with the head count this is the time to make corrections (not when you make payment).

The Group Leader will be responsible for making one payment for the entire group based on the head count recorded on the Group Ticket Card.

Anyone who is meeting the group here (extra parents) must see the Group Leader for payment before taking the hayride. We cannot be responsible for collecting those payments.

*Please be advised that anyone who is meeting a group at the farm and is late runs the risk of not being able to participate. It is very difficult and time consuming to catch them up to the group. It also creates and issue with the final head count (especially if the Group Leader does not know they have arrived). Everyone should be here and ready to go at the scheduled reservation time. Once the hayride has left the staging area we cannot guarantee that the late arrivals will be able to be included in the activities.

Payment can be made at any time after the hayride portion of your trip. You will need the Group Ticket Card with the accurate head count and your payment is required at this time (Cash, Organization Check, Visa, Master Card, or Purchase Order). If the group leader has received payment from the group in small bills ($1 & quarters) we would appreciate it if these were exchanged for larger bill to make counting and payment easier at time of payment on trip day. An invoice will be given to you, along with a teacher’s packet which contains any literature, activity or coloring sheets.

Additional Information
We do our best to predict the crop picking schedule, but sometimes Mother Nature has her own plan. You have the option of rescheduling if you are flexible with the date.

Rain Dates
We do not reserve rain dates. However we will take a rain date request if necessary. Rain dates will be reserved or confirmed if this becomes necessary.